Sunday, 27 December 2015

Twilights - 1968 - Always

Cathy Come Home/You've Got Soul/The Way They Play/Always

There's no question that The Twilights ranked alongside their contemporaries The Masters Apprentices and The Easybeats and solo singer Normie Rowe as one of the most successful and popular Australian pop acts of the 1960s, and they continue to enjoy a unique reputation in the top echelon of the OzRock pantheon. The Twilights have earned acclaim and respect for their formidable body of recorded work, coupled with their legendary status as arguably the most polished and accomplished Australian live act of the era. Glenn Shorrock himself remembers "Twilight Time" as the happiest and most fulfilling experience in his long and distinguished musical career. As he told an online group of Little River Band fans in 1997 "... my first band, The Twilights, is the band I remember most fondly; we were very close then in a very exciting period of pop."

 Band Members

 Frank Barnard (drums) 1964-65
 Peter Brideoake (rhythm guitar, vocals)
 Terry Britten (lead guitar, vocals)
 John Bywaters (bass, vocals) Clem "Paddy" McCartney (lead vocals)
 Laurie Pryor (drums) 1965-69)
 Glenn Shorrock (lead vocals)

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