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Throb And Wild Cherries Raven EP

Wild Cherries
That's Life/Krome Plated Yabby/Gotta Stop Lying
The Throb
Fortune Teller/Black/She Is Mine

The Throb

From obscure origins as a Sydney-based surf-instrumental band, The Throb emerged in 1965 and briefly shot to national prominence. Despite its short tenure, the group left no doubt about its punkish potential and they have been immortalised on record by two superb singles, their snarling "garage-punk" version of "Fortune Teller", which smashed its way to the top of the national charts in early 1966, and their group arrangement of the old English folk song, "Black (Is The Colour Of My True Love's Hair)", a slashing, snarling piece of proto-gothic wonderment that pop culture historian Ian D. Marks calls "the most adventurous pop recording made in Australia during 1966".


 John Bell (vocals, guitar, harmonica)
 Denny Burgess (bass, vocals)
 Peter Figures (drums)
 Marty Van Wynk (lead guitar)


 March 1966
 "Fortune Teller" / "Believe In Me" (Parlophone A-8191)

July 1966
 "Black" / "Turn My Head" (Parlophone A-8212)

The Wild Cherries

 For the more radically-inclined and discerning rock aficionado of the mid-60s, there could have been few more perfect musical formations than The Wild Cherries. They sported a wild and innovative lead guitarist in Lobby Loyde, a stunning vocalist in Danny Robinson, and apart from the skills of their superb rhythm section, they displayed an onstage creative abandon to rival the mayhem of their pioneering Sydney peers The Missing Links. It was a persona that earned The Wild Cherries notoriety, respect and wide popularity in equal measures.


Jun. 1967
"Krome Plated Yabbie" / "Every Thing I Do Is Wrong" (Festival FK 1879)

Nov. 1967
"That's Life" / "Try Me" (Festival FK 2052)

Apr. 1968
"Gotta Stop Lying" / "Time Killer" (Festival FK 2258)

Sep. 1968
"I Don't Care" / "Theme For A Merry Go Round" (Festival FK 2535)

"I Am The Sea" / "Daily Planet" (Havoc H 1006)

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