Saturday, 25 May 2019

Robin Jolley - 1973 - Marshall's Portable Music Machine @320 RE-POST

Marshall's Portable Music Machine/Where The Music's Playing/Marshall's Portable Music Machine (Japanese Vers.)/Yesterday Love

Robin Jolley started singing with the Melbourne group “Windy & Warm” whilst in his mid teens. Neville Kent discovered him and enticed him to come to Hobart where he got him off the ground as a solo singer. The next step was a record deal, in 1972 he returned to Melbourne in the search for one. Radio DJ Paul Konik introduced him to Brain Cadd which presented him with a song called “Marshall’s Portable Music Machine” which Brian had co-written with Don Mudie. Cadd and Konik produced the single and it was snapped up by Fable Records. Robin Jolley was called into Fable Music to rework the lead vocal track of this Brian Cadd song which was a Tokyo Song Festival entry hurriedly put together in 1971 by Cadd. Robin thought he would fade into obscurity but his song went #1 in Melbourne and Top 20 in Japan. It was a massive one hit wonder. Robin released five singles and a EP and LP for Fable and three other singles. (Kimbo)