Saturday, 20 May 2017

Saints - 1965 - Ski With The Saints RE-POST

The Deep Warmth Of You/Snowdrift/Skiing Holiday/On The Perisher Track

The Saints were very much an 'easy listening' instrumental band with some vocals. They put a twist on the surf instrumental genre in 1964 by recording one with a ski theme. Sit back by a roaring log fire, pour yourself a steaming mug of gluhwein, and enter the world of 1960s-era ski lodges.

 Songs predominantly written by producer Sven Libaek, with some by vocalist/guitarist Noel Quinlan, and also drummer George Thornton and pianist/vocalist Brian Myers.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

B<< Gee$ - 1968 - World

World/Sir Geoffrey Saved The World/In My Own Time/Please Read Me

 "World" is a song from the Bee Gees' fourth album Horizontal, released in 1967 in the United Kingdom. Though it was a big hit in Europe, Atco Records did not issue it as a single in the United States, having just issued a third single from Bee Gees' 1st, "Holiday"."World was a #6 hit in Australia and made top ten in charts all over the world and made #1 in Germany, Neterlands and Singapore.
The song's first recording session was on 3 October 1967 along with "With the Sun in My Eyes" and "Words". The song's last recording session was on 28 October 1967. "World" was originally planned as having no orchestra, so all four tracks were filled with the band, including some mellotron or organ played by Robin. When it was decided to add an orchestra, the four tracks containing the band were mixed to one track and the orchestra was added to the other track. The stereo mix suffered since the second tape had to play as mono until the end when the orchestra comes in on one side. Barry adds: "'World' is one of those things we came up with in the studio, Everyone just having fun and saying, 'Let's just do something!' you know". Vince Melouney recalls: "I had this idea to play the melody right up in the top register of the guitar behind the chorus".

Hogsnort Rupert - 1970 - Have A Hogsnort Rupert Summer

Pretty Girl/Lonesome Traveller (Live)/Gretel/Aubrey

Hogsnort Rupert are a New Zealand band. Originally formed in 1968 as Hogsnort Rupert's Original Flagon Band, they shortened their name after their second album in 1970. They are known for their light, humorous brand of music which produced several charting singles, including the number one hit Pretty Girl which also became the biggest selling single in New Zealand for 1970.

The two consistent band members had been; Alec Wishart (lead vocals, percussion) and Dave Luther (vocals, guitar, harmonica). Luther was also the composer of all their hit singles.

 Hogsnort Rupert. L to R: Alec Wishart, Dave Luther, Billy Such, Ian Terry and Frank Boardman.

During their 'Original Flagon Band' period the other band members were; Ian Terry (vocals, guitar), Frank Boardman (bass) whose idea the band was, and Billy Such (drums). However, those three left the band in 1970 and 'Hogsnort Rupert' then became a trio with a new member John Reilly (vocals, guitar). Reilly departed the band prior to the recording of their third album, which was recorded as a duo by mainstay members Wishart and Luther. During subsequent years and varying incarnations of the band, other 'Hogsnort Rupert' members have included; John Newton, Graham Brown, Neil Worboys, Kevin Findlater, Bernie Reber, Dean Ruscoe, and Graeme Luther. The band's manager in the early days was John MacGee.

 Hogsnort Rupert in HMV Studios, 1970. Left to right, Dave Luther, Alec Wishart, John Reilly

Dave Luther subsequently became the founding member of the New Zealand band Dave and the Dynamos who had a number one hit in 1983 with "Life Begins at Forty". Luther was the 'Dave' in the band's name, and 'The Dynamos' were Kevin Findlater (bass) and Bernie Reber (drums).

Hogsnort Rupert went on to become one of the longest running bands in New Zealand music history. In November 2010, the band celebrated their 40th anniversary, with a pair of live concerts held in Napier. Frank Boardman, the man credited with the idea for the band, died in Sussex, England, on 6 October 2015. Frontman and founding member, Alec Wishart (born Alexander Frederick Wishart, 20 June 1939) died on 22 January 2016 at the age of 76 from lung cancer.