Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Colin Cook - 1966 - Bopping The Blues FLAC

Blue Ribbon Baby/Money Money/Heebies Jeebies/Bopping The Blues

A popular Australian singer during the sixties.

Colin Cook was an original member of legendary Australian band the Thunderbirds playing saxophone. Before establishing himself as a successful soloist, Colin Cook worked as a back-up session vocalist. In fact he sang harmony backing on Frankie Davidson’s ‘Have You Ever Been To See King’s Cross?’.

Colin Cook was on the Melbourne charts seven times 1963-66, notably with It’s Up To You (#9 1963, the Ricky Nelson hit), the Mann-Weil song Heart (#8 1964), and Blue Ribbon Baby (#15 1965), all on W&G. He recorded with The Strangers at W&G, including on the LP Colin Cook and the Strangers (1964).

Colin Cook recorded “Hansome Guy” probably after hearing Dick Lory version.

From the late 60s until the early 80s Colin Cook worked variously in the UK, including time in the London casts of Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar between 1974-77 and in The Jealous Guys, a band largely made up of Australian expats.

 Single releases:

1 It’s Up To You/Just Another Rumour (W&G S 1550) 1962
2 Come On Back Baby/Crying Over You (W&G S 1619) 1963
3 Blues Over You/Come On Back Baby (W&G S 1701) 1963
4 Surfin’ Holiday/Heart (W&G S 1809) 1964
5 Sea Of Love/High School Romance (W&G S 1834) 1964
6 A Teenager Feels It Too/Put Me Down (W&G S 1939) 1964
7 My Gal/Handsome Guy (W&G S 2028) 1965
8 Blue Ribbon Baby/Heeby Jeebies (W&G S 2324) 1965
9 Funny/Stop Sneaking Around (W&G S 2406) 1965
10 Trying To Get To You/Well, Don’t You Know (W&G S 2466) 1965
11 Boppin’ The Blues/Hey Pretty Baby (W&G 2516) 1965
12 Foolish Little Boy/I Ain’t Got You (W&G S 2551) 1966
13 I’ll Always Be In Love With You/Wanted (W&G S 2699) 1966
14 So In Love/We’re Gonna Stand Up On The Mountain (In IN-S 8029) 1966
15 Pocketful Of Rainbows/Everybody’s Talking ‘Bout A Thing Called Love (Clarion MCK 1630) 1967
16 You Baby/Cry I Do (Clarion MCK 1914) 1967
17 Riot In Cell Block #9/I’ve Had My Moments (Clarion MCK 2261) 1968
18 Take Your Time Little Girl/Love 4 Living (Philips 6006 215) 1972