Monday, 14 December 2015

Gerry And The Joy Band - 1985 - Ongo Bongo Man

Ongo Bongo Man/Rave On/Oh, Lonesome Me/Ongo Bongo Man (Extended Version)/My Name Is Earl

Made a slight boo boo with this one when I first posted it it's actually a 12" single but I had a request for a new link so here it is again.

When 1960s Oz super group The Loved Ones quit doing the rock circuit, lead singer Gerry Humphreys, soon unleashed his new group, Gerry & The Joy Band, with a series of rollicking singles, like "Ongo Bongo Man" and Buddy Holly's "Rave On" (for which he was backed by an all-star studio super group including members of Daddy Cool). Check this line-up of other names who passed through the ranks of The Joy Band during its short 2 year tenure: Tony Cahill, Billy Green, Lobby Loyde, Ian Mawson, Graeme Morgan, Warren Morgan, Jerry Noone, Brian Peacock and Ian Woodcock.


  1. I thought They formed at Sunbury 1973, during a break and they just got together to fill in.

  2. Gerry or Jerry ?

  3. Yes Gerry also had the heading as Gerry and the Joy Boys.LOL

  4. Nice work a fun group