Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Ram Jam Big Band - 1968 - Ram Jam Big Band

Sunshine And I Feel Fine/Rainy Sunday/My Girl/I Didn't Know

 Moderately successful Australian '60s pop band which featured brass in the lineup
Although membership changes were frequent, the RJBB were a breeding ground for many other respected musos, the best known members being drummer Gary Young (Bobby & Laurie's Rondells,Daddy Cool, Jo Jo Jo Zep & solo artist), his long time partner in rhythm, bassist Wayne Duncan (also Rondells/DC/Black Sorrows/Gary's Rocking Emus), keyboardist Ian Clyne (The Loved Ones, Chain), original drummer Ray Evans who became a long time manager for Renee & Russell Morris among others,sax player Michael Edwards (Pink Finks/Party Machine/Gerry & The Joy Boys, as well as acclaimed jazz players like Don Wright (SCRA) & John Ellis (Kush)

They released four singles "Sunshine And I Feel Fine", a Top 10 hit in their hometown. The Temptations "My Girl" which just missed the Top 20 but sold consistently well to hang around for 3 months. A 3rd Top 30 hit soon followed in the superb soul ballad "I Can't Let Go of This Feeling", which contains one of singer/trumpeter Russell Smith's best vocals on record. Unfortunately a final single "Lost & Found" failed to connect & the band broke up after 3 years in 1969.

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