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Twilights - 1966 - Twilights Time

"Needle In A Haystack" / "9.50" / "What's Wrong With The Way I Live" / "Young Girl"

  The Twilights were an Australian rock and pop music group of the mid to late 1960s. Alongside their own career successes, The Twilights are also notable for the inclusion of vocalist Glenn Shorrock, who later fronted Axiom, Esperanto and Little River Band, and guitarist Terry Britten who went on to become an internationally successful songwriter and producer and pen major hits for artists such as Cliff Richard and Tina Turner.

Alongside The Easybeats and The Masters Apprentices, The Twilights are widely considered to be one of the most significant Australian rock groups of the 1960s. Highly popular with teenage audiences, they were renowned for their musical excellence and live prowess, as well as their on-stage humour, and they were held in high respect by fellow musicians. The group is also notable as one of the few major Australian rock bands of the period to retain the same personnel for virtually all of its career. Like most of their contemporaries, they began as a cover band, playing accomplished renditions of hits by popular overseas bands of the era such as The Beatles, The Who and The Small Faces, and their early hits in Australia were all cover versions. The Twilights were noted for being on top of current musical trends, and their early repertoire was regularly updated with the latest British and American rock hits, which were regularly sent to them on record and tape by family and friends in the UK. Later in their career guitarist Terry Britten began to write original material but the group did not last long enough for this to have a significant impact on their career.


"I'll Be Where You Are" / "I Don't Know Where The Wind Will Blow Me" (Columbia DO 4582) June 1965
"Come on Home" / "Wanted To Sell" (Columbia DO 4610) Oct. 1965
"If She Finds Out" / "John Hardy" (Columbia DO 4658) Feb. 1966
"Baby Let Me Take You Home" / "You've Really Got A Hold on Me" (Columbia DO 4685) May 1966
"Bad Boy" / "It's Dark" (Columbia DO 4698) Jun. 1966
"Needle in a Haystack" / "I Won't Be The Same Without Her" (Columbia DO 4717) Aug. 1966
"You Got Soul" / "Yes I Will" (Columbia DO 4742) Dec. 1966
"What's Wrong with the Way I Live" / "9.50" (Columbia DO 4764) Feb. 1967
"Young Girl" / "Time & Motion Study Man" (Columbia DO 4787) May 1967
"Bowling Brings Out The Swinger in You" / "Bowling Brings Out The Swinger in You" (instrumental version) – EMI Custom PRS 1736 (promotional single) 1967
"Cathy Come Home" / "The Way They Play" (Columbia DO 5030) Nov. 1967
"Always" / "What A Silly Thing To Do" (Columbia DO 8361) May 1968
"Tell Me Goodbye" / "Comin' On Down" (Columbia DO 8448) Aug. 1968
"Sand in the Sandwiches" / "Lotus" (Columbia DO 8602) Nov. 1968
"2,000 Weeks" /" Bargain Day" (Columbia DO 8711) 1969 (Terry Britten solo)

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