Sunday, 6 December 2015

Pink Finks - 1979 - Raven EP

Louie Louie/Back Door Man/Comin' Home Baby/You're Good For Me/Rub My Root/Somethiin' Else/Untie Me

The Pink Finks is an very notable group, being the first in the series of bands featuring Ross Wilson and Ross Hannaford, which eventually culminated in the hugely successful Daddy Cool. The Finks formed in early 1965 when 16 year-old R&B fanatic Ross Wilson joined forces with Ross Hannaford's schoolboy outfit The Fauves, which played Shadows and Ventures covers.

They were a part-time band, since the members were all still at school at the time. Hannaford, who was only 14 when the band formed, was often driven to gigs by his mum, and had to be sneaked in and out of the licensed venues they played at because he was underage. Inspired by the onslaught of English groups like The Stolling Stones, The Pretty Things and The Yardbirds, the young band's repertoire was chiefly R&B and blues covers.

David Cameron replaced original rhythm guitarist Rick Dalton in early 1965; Dalton later joined Running Jumping Standing Still with ex-Missing Links members Andy Anderson and Doug Ford. The Finks released four singles during their brief career; their first was their raucous version of The Kingsmen's "Louie Louie" released on the Finks' own label, Mojo (whose label was designed by Ross Wilson's brother Bruce) and it gave them an early taste of success when it was a local hit (#16) in Melbourne in June 1965.

Michael Edwards was added on trumpet and sax in August '66, but the group folded at the end of the year when Franklin, Cameron and Ratz left to go to university. It appears from the information in Who's Who of Australian Rock & Roll that they were replaced, at least temporarily, by Kinman, Landsdowne and Jimmy Niven, although in what capacity they contributed is not known. (Jimmy Niven was later a member of The Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band (1973-76) and Sports (1976-80).  Wilson and Hannaford moved on to Party Machine, Sons Of The Vegetal Mother, Daddy Cool, and Mighty Kong.

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