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The Phantoms - 1963 - Instrumental Hits By The Phantoms

 Southern Cross/Dance On/Apache/Ridin' The Wind/Spring Is Nearly Here/The Two Forty-Two

The Phantoms began their career in early 1960. The band consisted of Dave Lincoln (Lead Guitar) Gene Taylor (Rhythm Guitar) Pete Wason (Bass Guitar) and Alan "Ollie" Fenton (Drums). Under the management off Bruce Stewart (who saw the playing at The Malvern Town Hall approached them after the show and asked if he could manage them) the band began to increase their popularity around the Melbourne scene.

They backed all the major solo artists on the various weekly shows at The Malvern Town Hall, Preston Town Hall, Springvale Town Hall, The Mechanics Town Hall Frankston, Cogurg Town Hall and other one off events like the Royal Melbourne Show, Moomba and the 3DB Lunchtime Concert at the Melbourne Town Hall. These Concerts Gave The Phantoms the chance to really excell and improve their skills and back the superstars of the day like Johnny O'Keefe, Johnny Chester and many others.  

 In November 1962 the Phantoms released their single on W & G titled "Stampede"/"Midnight" #27 in Melbourne. April 1963 their second single was a terrific version of "The Rumble" backed with "The Two Forty-Two" around Victoria these two singles sold well this kept the band in demand not only in demand in Victoria but N.S.W and Queensland as well.

W & G as a follow up released the six track EP Instrumental Hits By The Phantons which these days has become a collectors item changing hans for hundreds of dollars the release was not promoted and soon disappered from the the record stores. In April 1964 their next single for W & G wa released "Hava Nagila" with the popular tune "Round and Round" sales for this release were good.

The Beatles Touring Party The Phantoms back row with Johnny Chester and Johnny Devlin.

 The band was then selected as one of the support acts fot the Beatles tour of Australia Iin May they also supported Johnny Chester and Johnny Devlin. The Phantoms started each show with two songs "Hava Nagila" and "Round and Round". Members of the group for the tour were Dave Lincoln,Bob Garde, Pete Watson, Alan Fenton and Alan Tresider.

June 1964 saw the release of their album "The Two Sides Of The Phantoms" after being cast as Shadows clones the approched the album with the intent of throwing of that mantle. They decide that they would record vocals for the first time Pete Watson and Dave Lincoln took up the task.
Some months after the release of the album W & G issued anothe single in August  "I Want You"/"Move It" W & G then issued their final single "The Cruel Sea" with "My Babe" on the flipside. The "The Cruel Sea" was also issued in the USA on the Ford label reaching #137 on their charts.

Around this time Dave Lincoln was hit by a car and badly injured so the band advertised for a replacement and chose Mike Brady of the Hearsmen Pete and Mike hit it off and after a coupe of months they decided to pusue a more contemporary beat style of musuc this was the virtual end of the Phantoms. Pete and Mike recruited Danny Finley of The Saxons and M.P.D. Limited was born.

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