Sunday, 21 February 2016

Master's Apprentices - Turn up Your Radio

Turn up Your Radio/5.10 Man/Merry-Go-Round/Think About Tomorrow Today

 The Masters Apprentices are bona-fide Australian rock legends. If The Easybeats were "Australia's Beatles", then there is no doubt that, as Stan Rofe said, The Masters Apprentices were Australia's Rolling Stones. They left an indelible mark on Australian music, and along with the Easybeats and the Twilights, they were one of the"could-have-been" bands, who tried valiantly to break into the British and international charts. Like both those bands they were ultimately unsuccessful in their attempts, but one of the later members of the band, Glenn Wheatley, learned valuable lessons from their mistakes and has played a major role in the music industry and the media over the last 30 years.

The Masters were hugely popular throughout Australia, releasing hit after hit in their seven-year career, and they were consistently hailed as one of Australia's best live and recording acts. Their career encompassed all the changes in Australian music from 1965 to 1972; they started out as an instrumental band, rose to prominence during the beat boom, moved through psychedelia and "bubblegum' pop, finally became one the first and best progressive hard rock groups of the early Seventies. They survived numerous lineup changes, with vocalist Jim Keays being the only constant, and their membership also illustrates the intricate interconnections between so many Australian bands of that era.

Their career can be divided into three main phases: the original '65-'67 lineup, headed by Mick Bower, the transitional period of '67-'68 and the classic '69-'72 lineup of Ford/Keays/Wheatley/Burgess.

March 1969  "Linda Linda" / "Merry-Go-Round" (Columbia  DO-8677)

July 1969  "5:10 Man" / "How I Love You"  (Columbia DO-8826)   No 16, 11 wks

Dec. 1969  "Think About Tomorrow Today" / "A Dog, A Siren And Memories"   (Columbia DO-8995)   No 14   11 wks

April 1970  "Turn Up Your Radio" / "Jam It Up"  (Columbia DO-9104)   No 7, 15 weeks 

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