Monday, 15 February 2016

Herma Keil - 1964 - Herma Keil With The Keil Isles

Say Mama/Cinnamon Cinder/Til The End Of The World/Little Papoose

 Herma Keil along with brothers Olaf, Klaus, Rudolf and cousin Freddie Keil formed The Keil Isles in the 1950s which proved to be a popular hit making band. The band at one stage was billed as Herma Keil & The Keil Isles. He was their lead vocalist for six years from 1960 until 1966. He along with sister Eliza left the band to pursue solo careers. He released records under his own name as a solo artist and he and sister Eliza appeared in the musical comedy film Don't Let It Get To You.

During its 10-year career, the Keil Isles recorded prolifically – at least 25 singles, seven EPs and six albums – provided an outlet for many influential musicians, and entertained thousands. They followed musical fashions in the early years of rock and roll, including forays into novelties such as ‘Limbo Rock’ and several variations on the twist – but once rock music required originality as well as energy, their day had come.

In later years Herma Keil moved to Australia and retired there.

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