Saturday, 20 February 2016

Bluejays - 1965 - Motivate

Motivate/We're Friends/Hey Jack/Zoom Gonk

The Blue Jays had been performing and recording in Melbourne since 1959. The Blue Jays were already well established in Melbourne and one of the city's leading dance groups. They had formed in 1959, with the original lineup of Frankie Brent, Doug Stirling, Chris Lawson and Bobby Johnson.In 1964, Sunshine founder Ivan Dayman joined them with Brisbane singer Tony Worsley to become The Fabulous Blue Jays. There were many personnel changes over the years, and drummer Bob Johnston was the only original member after he rejoined the band in 1964. Johnston, Nicholls and Clarke, with lead guitarist Ray Eames, saxophonist-keyboardist Paul Shannon and lead singer Worsley, became one of Australia's pre-eminent Merseybeat-influenced bands, with an eclectic repertoire of covers and originals.


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