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The Cherokees - The Cherokees

That's If You Want Me To/The Angels Listened In/Only If You Care/I Can Tell

Named after a popular ice cream of the time, the Cherokees were formed in 1961 when Johnny Chester suggested to Billy Dale the guitarist in his backing band the Chessmen that he should form his own band as the Chessmen were getting to big as sometimes the band included 3 guitarists so Billy left forminfg the Cherokees and began playing Shadows-styled music around Melbourne, Australia.

 Signing with W&G Records, the Cherokees released two singles and the rare Here Come the Cherokees album in 1965. They began playing pop reminiscent of the Beatles and moved to the short-lived Go! label. Several of their singles made the Top 40 in Melbourne. By 1967, the Cherokees were playing swing-styled music and several more singles again made the Melbourne Top 40. An album followed, Oh Monah!, but with the collapse of Go!, the band was left without a deal. Despite releasing one more single on Festival records and supporting the Monkees during their tour of Australia in October 1968, the Cherokees broke up at the end of the year.

The first line was

Billy Dale - guitar
Alan Chung - rhythm guitar
Mick Lynch - drums
David Thompson - Bass

Later Barrie Windley came in on drums plus Barrie King on rhythm guitar and vocals. Barrie King left the band and was replaced by Lindsay Morrison on rhythm guitar. With this line-up they recorded the instrumental album "Here Come The Cherokees".

Doug Trevor went from bass to lead guitar with Pete Tindale formally from "The Scorpions" replacing Doug. The band was playing at a venue called "Tenth Avenue" during lunch times, a venue many must remember. "The Cherokees" went into the studio and recorded "I've got something to tell you baby" on W@G records B/W Hubble Bubble. This was around the time of GO! records became known. They recorded many singles at that time.

Around this time the group toured Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Tasmania. By the time of the "THE MONKEES" tour 1968. Around this time guitarist Mike Macquire, a former member of Adelaide's "Harts" joined.

The band were probably at their best with the hit "Minnie The Moocher" with singer Kevin Smith.

Other members included.

Pete Tindal - guitar
Kevin Smith - vocals
Barrie Windley - Drums
Billy Dale - Lead Guitar
Doug Trevor - Bass
Lindsay Morrison - Rhythm Guitar
Mike McQuire - lead guitar

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