Thursday, 14 January 2016

Bobby and Laurie - Hitch Hiker

Sweet And Tender Romance/Down In The Valley/You'll Come 'Round/Hitch Hiker

 Hitch-hiker released in 1966 was #1 Sydney #1 Melbourne #1 Brisbane #1 Adelaide #1 Perth #4 NZ .

Melbourne's Bobby Bright and Laurie Allen had a number of pop hits in the mid-60s, from the danceable Laurie Allen composition I Belong With You (1965) to the country style Hitch-hiker. They were regulars on the Go!! TV pop show and later had their own show on ABC-TV (Australia), It's A Gas, later Dig We Must.

Bobby & Laurie broke up in 1967 but their 1969 reunion produced two further hits, The Carroll County Accident (1969) and Through The Eyes Of Love (1970).

Later, Laurie Allen moved into country music, and Bobby Bright, who had been a disc jockey with Melbourne radio station 3XY, also acted on TV and film (his career is summarised, incompletely, at the Internet Movie DataBase).

Double-sided hit in Brisbane with You'll Come Around.

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