Friday, 17 July 2015

The Joy Boys - 1963 - Waltz Of The Flowers

Waltz Of The Flowers/Gavotte Espresso/Xmas Guitar/Wild Love

Col Joye's backing band, The Joy Boys, which included his brothers Kevin and Keith, The Joy Boys released several of their own singles, many of which charted, especially in Sydney where nine made the Top 40 from 1960 to 1963. They had several Top 40 entries in most of the major capital cities. Smoky Mokes was their biggest hit, followed by Southern 'Rora, an original instrumental in honour of the Southern Aurora, a new Sydney-Melbourne express train (1962, #5 Sydney #5 Melbourne #5 Brisbane #2 Adelaide).


Kevin Jacobsen (piano), Keith Jacobsen (bass), John Bogie (drums), Laurie Erwin (saxophone), Norm Day (lead guitar), Dave Bridge (guitar), Bruce Gurr (keyboards), Ron Patton (saxophone)

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