Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Buddy England - Movin' Man

If I Never Get To Love You/Doll House/If You'll Stay/Movin' Man

 Buddy England (born in England), was a former member of The Seekers, replacing Bruce Woodley and stayed with them from 1975–1981. He was also a member of the Mixtures from June 1969 – March 1970.

As a solo artist from 1963–1969 he released several singles on HMV Records, including "If You'll Stay", "Doll House", "There Goes My Baby", "Movin' Man", "Sunny", "I'm Going For You", and "If I Never Get To Love You". "Movin' Man" was used in an advertisement for Gilbey's gin.

From 1967 through 1979 Buddy returned to the UK and continued writing and recording for EMI at Abbey Road, releasign several singles, including Forgive and Forget, The Name of My Sorrow, Wonderful World, In Nead of a Friend etc. from 1970−1971 England owned and launched Air Records and produced all of its artists including The Vibrants, Love Story, Tadpole, Mick Hamilton, The Tangerine Balloon, and Tony Pantano.

He was integral to The Seekers, upon their reformation in 1974, recording their first return Album for Astor Records.

Buddy still writes and records on his farm on the outskits of Melbourne, Australia. A few years ago Buddy released Fate's a Fiddler Life's a Dance with the majority of the material on this album was written and produced by Buddy.


  1. Saw Buddy recently as a member of a 'group' accompanying Athol Guy - the latter doing a show covering the history of The Seekers - Buddy sang 'Movin Man and 'Doll House', JohnG

  2. Many thanks - great stuff!