Sunday, 5 April 2015

Rondells - The Rondells

She'll Never Know/Carol Ann/I'll Be Gone/Whatcha Gonna Do

The Rhondells were one of the more notable bands on the Australian music scene of the mid-1960's, if only for the fact that three of their members went on to serious careers in music. They first showed up in an important way on record backing Bobby & Laurie (another down-under act) on "I Belong To You, " before getting signed themselves to the Go!! label in 1965, for which they cut a pair of singles and an EP. Bernie O'Brien was the leader and did some songwriting when they weren't covering rock 'n roll standards, and the constantly shifting line-up, at one point, included Wayne Duncan (bass) and Gary Young (drums) who, at the turn of the decade, became the rhythm section for Daddy Cool and, later still, Jo Jo Zep & the Falcons; and Gil Matthews, later a member of Max Hamilton & the Impacts, Levi Smith Clefs, and The Aztecs, among other bands. One early line-up, in addition to O'Brien, included Denis Tucker (bass), John Sullivan (rhythm guitar), and Dennis Collins (drums). In any incarnation, they were a hard-rocking outfit, surprisingly close in spirit to the Kinks.

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