Friday, 3 April 2015

De Kroo Brothers - Scarlet

(And Her Name Is) Scarlet/All Right Be That Way/Tears Of Pity/It Never Came True

In March 1960 Columbia released their debut single On The Job Too Long and then much to their surprise, Columbia released their second Loveland six days later. With little airplay both records flopped. By the end of 1960 they had appeared on the Six O'Clock Rock, Bandstand, and Teen Time. In March 1961, Columbia issued their third and final single, but once again it failed to make an impression on the charts. When Columbia didn't take up the option on their contract they moved to Festival Records. In October they played on the support bill for the Cliff Richard and the Shadows Show tour of Australia and New Zealand. In September 1963 they finally scored their first Top 10 hit with their fourth Festival single (And Her Name Was) Scarlet. Festival released three more singles over the next year or so without much success. They continued to perform on the club circuit until 1972 when they decided to call it quits. Doug opened up a music teaching business in Sydney and continued playing with various rockabilly groups while Les bought a farm in Dubbo where he is a weekday morning radio announcer with 2DW.

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