Thursday, 7 December 2017

The Atlantics - 1964 - The Explosive Sound Of The Atlantics FLAC

The Teddy Bears' Picnic Stomp/Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom Time/Secret Love/Three Coins In The Fountain

Think surf rock classics and a few songs come to mind. The Surfari’s Wipeout, Dick Dale’s Miserlou, Pipeline by the Chantays and of course Bombora, by Australia’s own, Atlantics. Virtually the only successful surf instrumental band, not from America.

Echoing the Shadow’s Twangy Atmospheric Instrumental Sound, they were snapped up by CBS Records and became a household name with the release of their Giant Hit Bombora.

cover-1The Atlantics went on to record seven more singles and four LPs for CBS, all of which are now regarded as classics of the Surf Instrumental Genre. They also recorded a string of vocal singles with various recording companies and these songs are now considered as outstanding examples of Pre-Punk Garage Rock. 

 After a long break from the music scene, original members Jim Skiathitis, Peter Hood and Bosco Bosanac along with new guitarist, Martin Cilia, reformed and set about recapturing the sound that had propelled them to fame so many years before and had lifted them to a legendary status worldwide.

Since reforming The Atlantics have released four excellent new CDs. “Flight Of The Surf Guitar”, ‘Atlantics – The Next Generation”, “Point Zero” and “Atlantics The Best Of”. In 2000 Bombora was given the ultimate accolade by being used in the Closing Ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. It was really a thrill to hear the “all new” Bombora during the closing ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games! What could have been better than to see Bondi Life Savers and Australia’s own Kylie Minogue making their entrance to the thundering sounds of Bombora!

 Many TV appearances followed on, Studio 22, 10:30 Slot, Denise, Morning Shift, Today, A Long way to The Top and Where are They Now. A string of live appearances at Pubs, Clubs, big shows and Festivals such as, Victoria’s Queenscliff Festival, Canberra’s Folk Festival and “Wintersun” on the Gold Coast, thrilled original fans and introduced a whole new generation to the driving infectious guitar sounds of, The Atlantics.

Their brilliant performances on tours around Australia with the spectacular “Long Way To The Top” Concert and as the support act on the Beach Boys and Chris Isaak Shows, resulted in rave reviews about their music and their talents and once again cemented their title of, Australia’s Greatest Instrumental band, ever.


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