Saturday, 8 April 2017

Tornadoes - Tossing And Turning FLAC

Tossing And Turning/Buckeye/Walkin' With My Angel/Boom Boom Baby

When I bought this EP I was a little disappointed that it wasn't as old as thought it was, late sixties. I would say it is more late seventies early eighties but that disappointment aside it still a great little EP. This is a custom job and judging by the clips on Youtube these are songs they were performing at the time. Of interest to Executive fans the record was produced by Brian King.

Below is some information taken from the bands webpage .

Reputed to be the longest running working band in the world, the fabulous Tornadoes. Lead vocal Brian Goodger, Lead guitar, David Goodger, Rhythm guitar ,John Goodger, Drums, Peter Goodger. Bass guitar, Harry Mitchel. Formed 1960 and still performing in the Wollongong area Illawarra coast Australia although only one original member remains playing those wonderful days of the 60's and the many years following should never be forgotten.

Fans have always regarded the Tornadoes as "their own". Known throughout the region for over four decades, the fabulous Tornadoes have provided top class entertainment to countless audiences.

 The band’s modernised version of that long time classic Ghost Riders (in the Sky) gained huge success at dance and country venues throughout Australia, Britain and the United States and reached Number 6 on the national dance charts across America.

With that success behind them, the Tornadoes negotiated a recording contract with Arcade and Sony / BMG records for release of Ghost Riders in Europe and Australia.

In 2006, the Tornadoes were selected to be a part of the Best of the Best tour of New Zealand. As well as the Tornadoes, the tour featured some of the biggest stars of the Australasian music scene of the past 40 years including Sharon O’Neill, Ray Columbus ( Invaders fame ), and Australasia’s King of Rock and Roll Johnny Devlin. Having played in 11 major cities across New Zealand, the Tornadoes captivated audiences and earned a new legion of fans from across the Tasman. The tour, organized by Pacific Entertainment of Auckland, proved to be one of the most successful tours of New Zealand that year.
 More recently, the Tornadoes had another huge hit on their hands that went balistic around the world. "Crocodile Roll", penned by the band, was a sensational hit with fans.  Members of the fabulous Tornadoes are Fred Marsh, David Goodger, Harry Mitchell, Peter O'Reilley, Wayne Rogers and Evan Kerr.

The Tornadoes strong point is their ability to deliver a repertoire consisting of over 50 years of great music. Lead vocals by Fred,Wayne, Peter and Evan and harmonies by David and Harry, together with the raunchiness of the rhythm section, form the nucleus of the Tornadoes captivating sound.

The Tornadoes sound is a unique blend of rock and roll to boot scootin’ rock and country to classic ballads which always leave the fans wanting more.

Music fans are always left satisfied after a Tornadoes gig because the fabulous TORNADOES put dance in your pants!

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