Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Various - 1973 - Sunbury 1973 Promo

Friends - La La Song/Madder Lake - Down The River/Country Radio - Silver Spurs/Johnny O'Keefe - High Rollin' Man/69'ers - Harry Rag/Glen Cardier - Australia

Sunbury '73 ran from 27 January to 29 January. The attendance was 25,000 - 30,000 and the entry fee was $8.00 (3 days), $7.00 (2 days), $5.00 (1 day). Promoter, John Fowler provided a documentary, Sunbury 1973, which was aired on GTV9. Music entrepreneur Michael Gudinski was involved with the first Sunbury festival—as well as managing several major acts that appeared—he operated a lucrative concession selling watermelon to festival-goers. His new record company, Mushroom Records, was established with Ray Evans late in 1972. It became associated with Sunbury thanks to its inaugural album, a three-disc set of live recordings from the 1973 festival, Sunbury 1973 - The Great Australian Rock Festival. Guitarist, Lobby Loyde and his band, Coloured Balls were joined on-stage by Billy Thorpe and Leo de Castro (Friends) to record a live set, Summer Jam, which was issued in November. Carson released their own live album, On the Air in April but had disbanded by that time. Veteran rocker, Johnny O'Keefe, was initially booed but won the crowd over by his performance and went on to do several encores.

Band line-up

The 1973 festival was MCed by comedian Paul Hogan.

    Band of Light
    The Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band
    Glenn Cardier
    Coloured Balls
    Country Radio
    The Flying Circus
    Healing Force
    Indelible Murtceps
    MacKenzie Theory


    Madder Lake
    Max Merritt & the Meteors

    Mighty Mouse
    Mississippi (backed by a full orchestra)
    Mulga Bill's Bicycle Band
    Johnny O'Keefe
    Sid Rumpo
    Spirit featuring the Staehely Brothers
    Matt Taylor
    The 69'ers
    Dutch Tilders
    Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs


  1. Hey Gary
    Do you actually have this Sampler LP or did you find the RIP on the Internet. If it's yours, then you are one lucky bloke and I'm very envious. I've been trying to track down a copy of this sampler for over 40 years ! (I have the Triple LP thankfully)

  2. No don't own it Guy saw it on ebay last year more than I could afford bid $20 on it and got trampled in the rush.