Sunday, 1 May 2016

Cheek - 1980 - Cheek

Do You Have A Soul/Take Me For What I'm Worth/So Much In Love/Still In Love

Great EP from Sydney band Cheek has 3 covers and an original. "Do You Have A Soul" by the Easybeats "Take Me For What I'm Worth" written by P.F. Sloan and made popular by the Searchers "So Much In Love" the Rolling Stones and the original "Still In Love" written by band member guitarist and  singer Lee Emmett.

Three of Cheek's five members had been in Jasper from 1974 before forming Punkz and releasing two singles with the guidance of pop journalist and manager Glenn A. Baker. With a name change to Cheek, they released two further singles but broke up in 1978 before a planned album could be completed. "So Much In Love" charted in several Australian cities in 1978 #22 Melbourne #13 Brisbane #26 Adelaide #32 Perth.

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