Monday, 21 September 2015

Col Joye - 1958 - Joyride

Colonel Bogey/I'm Thinkin' Tonight Of My Blue Eyes/Worried Mind/I Miss You So

 Col Joye AM (b.1938) (Colin Jacobsen), entertainer and impresario, was the first Australian pop performer to reach number 1 on the local charts. Joye started his music career in his brother Kevin's band, the KJ Quintet, in Sydney in 1957. For a gig at the Manly Jazzerama they impulsively changed their name to Col Joye and the Joy Boys, a decision they are said to have regretted. Joined by younger brother Keith on bass, the Joy Boys began performing regularly in Bankstown. Their first record was the EP Joyride in 1958. This, and subsequent efforts, made little impact, but in 1959 their second single, 'Bye Bye Baby' made the top spot on the Sydney charts. Three further top ten hits followed, and the band became regulars on Bandstand and Six O'Clock Rock.


  1. Thanks for this.I bought this in Westport, NZ in 1958 or 59. Colonel Bogey was especially impressive and was as good as any instrumental at that time. This must be regarded as a classic example of early Australian rock n roll although i have heard that Col Joye never wanted it included on any of his compilations that were released on vinyl or cd.

  2. Great EP.
    Must be regarded as an early classic example of Australian rock n roll.Bought this in Westport NZ in late 50s and nearly wore it out.Have heard that Col Joye refused to include it on any of his many later compilations.
    Thanks for posting it.

  3. WOW!! Never thought I'd ever see let alone hear this. Many thanks Morta Della A great addition to my collection..and it sounds great :-)