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Judy Stone - 1963 - I'll Get By

I'll Get By (As Long As I Have You)/You're Driving Me Mad/Danger Heartbreak Ahead/Mommie And Daddy Were Twistin'


 Judy Stone, a tiny 4'10 1/2" performer was belting out songs in the "Bandstand"
 era... and today, Judy Stone is still one of Australia's most consistent popular
 Female Entertainers.

 In the early 60's a young girl who aspired to be a country music singer dressed
 up in all the white leather fineries etc., and made many appearances on country
 shows around Sydney. This market was a very small market and virtually
 controlled by other artists such as Reg Lindsay, Slim Dusty, Joy and Heather
 McKeon their respective wives as well as a few others such as Bill Kelly, Tim
 and Tom MacNamara etc. Judy was much younger and didn't have much of a chance
 with the small amount of country music that Sydney audiences wanted at that

 She moved slowly over to the more popular rock style of country that was now
 beginning to chart in the Top 40 and after a few appearances on Bandstand etc.,
 became one of the 'Darlings' of Australian TV. That as wel las her record
 successes cement her place in Rock 'n' Roll history. .

 After travelling throughout the country with "The Reg Lindsay Show", Judy began
 touring with Col Joye and, before long, became a regular member of the popular
 T.V. show, "Bandstand". It was in the sixties that Judy's hit songs...I'll step
 down, Born a woman, 4003221 tears from now, established her as a recording
 artist as well as a T.V. star.

 Since the "Bandstand" days, she has appeared on every major T.V. show in
 Australia and demand for her appearances has remained constant. Such is her
 popularity, that judy has been invited to perform with many Top International
 Artists on their Austrlian tours. They include: Sir Harry Secombe, Rolf Harris ,
 Dick Emery, Johnny Mathis and Howard Keel.

 The song that gained Judy the National Award in 1974, "Field of Stone", coupled
 with "Mare, Mare, Mare", earned Judy the distinction of being the first
 Australian Female Entertainer with two records concurrently featuring in the Top
 40. In 1976, "Silver Wings and Golden Rings" firmly established her in the
 Country Pop scene. "Hasta Manana" added to her successes, proving a hit in
 Australia with credits from England and Scotland.

 Recognition of Judy's immense talents has been overwhelming, with more than
 twenty awards from T.V. and Recording Performances, including three T.V. Logies
 and eight "MO"awards.

 Judy has represented Austrlia three times at International Expositions, in Japan
 and the United States. Her recording and singing in other languages, Flemish and
 Italian, led to a hit record recorded in Japanese which enabled Judy to
 successfully perform in Japan's top nightclubs.

 A memorable highlight of Judy's career occurred in 1986 when she signed a
 history making recording contract as the first foreign Female Performer with the
 Republic of China Record Company. In September 1986, to coincide with the
 release of her album, Judy was invited to Beijing to appear in a Television
 Special where she sang in Mandarin to her audience.

 Whilst in China, Judy endeared herself to the Chinese people, further enhancing
 her reputation as one of Australia's most "PRECIOUS GEM'.

 Throughout the nineties Judy Stone has performed in all major clubs and venues
 throughout Australia and starred in her own one woman cabaret show at the
 Tilbury Hotel in 1995. More recently Judy Stone has been a star performer in the
 Col Joye Show which has been touring Nationally.

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