Saturday, 14 March 2015

Frankie Davidson - Rock And Roll

See You Later Alligator/Rock Island Line/Camptown Races/Frankie And Johnnie

Born on January 12, 1934 in Melbourne, Australia.

From 1962 on, he released numerous comedy singles in Australia, such as ‘50 Million Blowflies Can’t Be Wrong’, and has recorded at least twenty albums.

In 1963, he toured with Cliff Richard, Helen Shapiro and Fabian.

Frankie Davidson, has been entertaining Australians and overseas audiences since the heady days of Bandstand and six o'clock rock. His career now embraces five generations. He has been nominated for the "MO' awards entertainer for the year in 1976 and 1979.

He was chosen by his peers as "Australia's most versatile performer - as a tribute to his staying power. He was nominated for "Best Male Cabaret Vocalist" in 1992 and 1993.

Frankie is also an accomplished actor: with many appearances in T.V. Soaps and Dramas. He has also presented for T.V. Campaigns - Soccer Pools, Mazdas' Mr Right and Caltex Oils.

Some of his film credits include: 'Last Frontier', 'Muriels Wedding', 'All Saints' and 'Farscape'.

In January 1987, Frankie received the prestigious 'Advance Australia Award" for his services to the music and entertainment industry.

In the entertainment World, Frankie Davidson is not only a true professional in every sense of the word but more importantly a real Australian Entertainment Legend.

Have you ever been to see King’s Cross? Reached No.8 in 1962 ,Frankie had 7 other novelty songs in the top 40.

Have you ever been to see Old London Town?, Ball bearing Bird, Gimmie dat Ding, I hope your chooks turn into Emus, 50,00000 blowflies can't be wrong, The Aussie Barbeque Song, Hector the trash collector and We love the Beatles.

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