Thursday, 14 August 2014

Ronnie Burns - Smiley

Smiley/My Little Red Book/I'll Know What To Do/Jodie

Ronnie Burns is an Australian pop singer that first became famous in the mid-60s as the leader of popular group the Flies, who were the first long haired band in Australia and drew heavily on the Beatles. After leaving the group, Ronnie went on to become one of Australia's most popular pop singers from the mid 1960's to the mid 1970's. His song "Smiley" (#3 on the Australian charts in the winter of 1969-70), a song about a young man sent to the Vietnam war, has since become synonymous in Australia with that era and is a pop classic, while three of his other big hits - "Coalman", "Exit, Stage Right" and "All the King's Horses" - were written by the Bee Gees. His daughter, Lauren Burns, won a gold metal in Taekwondo in the 2000 Olympics. Burns currently lives with his wife in Tasmania. In 1998, they founded Appin Hall Children’s Foundation, a refuge for children with chronic illness and orphans of war.

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