Monday, 12 May 2014

The Iguana - California My Way

California My Way/Mary Go Round/Imagine This/Dreaming Away To Myself

 "California My Way" was a cover of the original recording by the Committee (or it may have been The 5th Dimension version) it was released on Festival in 1968 by Melbourne band The Iguana that had formed from the Sands of Time and the Contours in 1967. The band menbers were Vocals Gary Sweetman Gary Littlewood (lead guitar) Cleve Littlewood (rhythm guitar), Graham Jones (bass) and Peter Saunders (drums). "California My Way" charted #10 Melbourne #5 Brisbane .

They had four singles, plus an EP that combined two of their 45's. Imagine This / Dreaming Away to Myself 1967, California My Way / Mary Go Round 1968, Ticket to Ride / Sunshine People 1968, Good News / Requiem 820 Latham 1969.

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