Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Susan Jones

  The Susan Jones Rock Five - (voc Johnny Farnham)/The Susan Jones Rock Five - Susan Jones/The Susan Jones Brass - Susan Jones/The Susan Jones Baroque Quartet - Susan Jones

In 1967, the "Susan Jones" advertising and promotional campaign was a great success for Australia's Ansett-ANA Airlines.
The radio jingle sang about a hostess who 'cared for you all the way", and this was supported by a print campaign that put a face to Susan.

Nobody knew it at the time, but the young singer whose voice was heard on the jingle would, in time, become a superstar of Australian was Johnny Farnham.

The "Susan Jones" EP was originally issued with an "Ansett-ANA" label, but, it was quickly picked up for release by Festival Records, cat. # FX11374.
There were four tracks on the EP...a basic instrumental bed, a Tijuana Brass style version, a Baroque/Classical rendition...and, the vocal by Johnny Farnham.

The vocal featured a re-write of the radio jingle...different words, so that it became a generic song rather than an airline ad.

The Festival EP actually charted in Perth, reaching # 47 in October 1967.

Both issues of the EP are now very hard to locate, especially the original with the Ansett- ANA label...however, in 1997, the vocal song became a lot easier to find, when it was included on John's "Anthology 3" CD.


  1. Howdy, Would you please be able to send me a download link for this please? The link has gone dead.

  2. Hi Stampy will update the link for you.

  3. thanks for the music susan jones very hard to get you have an EP down the side lucky starr sentimental journey do you have a link to that would be appreciated john i have a lot of 60s 70s aussie music i might have something your after like lucky starr is andrew stampy i was over at his house last night i was helping him out with some music

  4. thanks for susan jones EP stampy is my mate andrew i was helping out with some music at his place last night would you be able to put up lucky starr EP sentimental journey thanks i might be able to help you out with aussie 60s 70s music i have nearly every lucky starr single

  5. Thanks all, My I get a download link for the "Sentimental Journey" EP for Lucky Starr please?

  6. Sorry Andrew don't have that one the covers on the right side are ones I'm after.