Monday, 5 September 2016

Somebodys Image - 1969 - Hush

Hush/Heat Wave/When I Come Home/It's All Over Now Baby Blue

 Russell Morris' career started in September 1966, when Morris was 18 years old with the formation of the Melbourne group Somebody's Image, together with Kevin Thomas (rhythm guitar), Phillip Raphael (lead guitar), Eric Cairns (drums) and Les Allan (aka "Les Gough") (bass guitar). Somebody's Image quickly developed a strong following at Melbourne's premier venues. It wasn't long before the band came to the notice of Go-Set staff writer Ian Meldrum and the group had a local hit version of the Joe South song "Hush", which peaked at number 15 on the national chart. (the song reaching #2 on the local Melbourne charts) They had 3 singles: "Heatwave", "Hush" and "Hide And Seek".

Meldrum's support and hard work promoting the band helped them to secure a firmer recording deal with EMI Records. The result was their third single "Hide And Seek" which peaked at #32 in Melbourne. It was their last release with their original singer with Russell leaving Somebody's Image in September 1968. They were destined for greater things when the group seemingly imploded.

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