Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Sunsets - A Life In The Sun

 A Life In The Sun/ Windansea/When I Found You/ Don’t Get Around Much Anymore

Starting out life as a Newcastle (Australia) instrumental band called The Four Strangers.

The group released one well-regarded surf instrumental single -The Rip b/w Pearl Diver – for Astor in 1964, after which their original guitarist (Gary Johns) left the band and was replaced by singer/guitarist Lindsay Bjerre.

Under Bjerre’s guidance the band – now renamed The Sunsets – moved to a more up-to-date beat/R&B style and scored a five-year recording deal with the Australian Festival label.
 They met filmmaker Paul Witzig via a mutual friend who ran surf film screenings in the city. The band initially provided a theme song for Witzig's 1966 film "A Life In The Sun" which met with some minor success around Sydney and was modelled around the Sandals theme for the Bruce Browne film Endless Summer. Hot Generation was the theme for his next film and saw a more exciting original sound from the band.

Becoming Tamam Shud in 1968, the band became one of the first local groups to embrace the late 60s psychedelic sounds, translating the acid-rock into a uniquely Australian context.


  1. Bring back the surf instrumentals. Great stuff. DH